Orchids in the gallery...

    The orchid is the one of the most passionately cultivated flowers worldwide, and the centuries it has been a symbol for the exotic and mysterious in the human imagination.

    The temperament, love for beauty and long tradition of art and handcraft, coupled with the continuous research in the breeding of flower and export of live flowers, culminated in making clay flowers  from Thailand  uniquely successful. Clay is a curious material,  reacting  differently under varying temperatures and humidity. Thailand developed  particular blend, processes and techniques that give rise to the delicate clay flowers that seem so real, yet retain beautiful form and colours .

  •     If you love orchid , you appreciate them for their rare, individual qualities, nobility and elegance. The blended clay ’s characteristics are  especially suited to sculpting orchids. It mimics the smooth, fine textures of the orchid ’s  stems, leaves and flowers, and its tenacity allows the realistic portrayal of not only  the strong , firm stems and leaves but also the soft, thin, lively petals.

     A source of  admiration, the clay flowers would be highlight any home or office and many more.